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How Fusion Advisor is Using Goldmine to Manage a Product Launch

How Fusion Advisor is Using Goldmine to Manage a Product Launch

Fusion Advisor, Inc. is a Carson City, Nevada-based provider of next-generation technology solutions for the wealth management industry.

Founded in 2005, Fusion Advisor’s core mission is to design and develop cutting-edge software tools that empower independent financial advisors to provide unparalleled service to clients, make smarter and more informed investment decisions, and offer guidance that will maximize the value of each client’s portfolio – all while expanding their business and building a stronger, more recognizable brand.

As the company prepares to introduce it’s very first product to the market – the Wealth Portalâ„¢ account aggregation platform – it is relying on powerful customer relationship management from GoldMine to manage all the activities surrounding this exciting launch. GoldMine is helping Fusion Advisor to:

* Build a large base of qualified contacts to market to
* Create and deploy campaigns that will generate awareness and pre-launch “buzz” among key prospects
* Identify opportunities for strategic partnerships

“Wealth Portal is a robust application designed to empower independent financial advisors to compete more effectively in today’s dynamic financial services marketplace,” said Aaron J. Smith, founder and president of Fusion Advisor. “The need for a solution like Wealth Portal is limitless. We know we have a strong value proposition – we help level the playing field by giving independent financial advisors access to the same type of tools that the big investment houses use,” Smith continued. “Now, we’re counting on GoldMine to help us take our message out to our target audience, so we can begin uncovering viable sales opportunities and closing deals.”

Wealth Portal will available in the second quarter of this year. In preparation for the launch, Smith and his team are attending a variety of industry conferences and conducting custom research to identify possible sales prospects and gather information about them. Additionally, Fusion Advisor has hired WSI, an Internet Consulting firm, to assist with search engine optimization programs and other Web marketing initiatives, to drive traffic to the Fusion Advisor Web site, and collect key data about contacts who may be interested in the Wealth Portal solution.

All contact information is then entered and stored in the GoldMine system. Fusion Advisor sales staff are currently reviewing and assessing those contacts, as they prepare to begin conducting their outreach. Additionally, a series of email marketing campaigns are currently in development. These email blasts will use Webcasts, white papers, and other offers to entice recipients to take action to learn more about the benefits of Wealth Portal. GoldMine’s automated email management capabilities will be used to create, execute, and dynamically monitor the results of these programs as the launch gets closer.

“GoldMine has really made it easy for us to build a large list of ‘suspects’ to market to,” added Smith. “Our sales staff can collect and log information about each lead, and based on how closely they match our target profile criteria, prioritize those opportunities and work them accordingly.”

“Additionally, our marketing staff will be able to segment the database, so email and other communication initiatives can be more targeted, and ultimately, more effective,” he continues. “And, GoldMine allows us to closely track those campaign recipients who raised their hand and said ‘hey, I’m interested, tell me more’, so we can ensure that those contacts receive prompt attention and immediate follow-up from our sales organization.”

Fusion Advisor is also in the midst of forming a strategic alliance program, and is seeking to join forces with technology partners, who will help expand and enhance the features and capabilities of the solution, as well as sales partners who will help uncover and cultivate opportunities and gain market share. GoldMine will also be used to assist with this program, helping Fusion Advisor to conduct effective outreach, and to closely track and manage the activities related to these partnership opportunities.

“Our goal is to help each and every independent financial advisor gain a competitive edge and build stronger, more profitable relationships with their clients. With GoldMine, we have the tools and technology we need to begin to make that happen. We’re confident that our CRM system will help us achieve – or even exceed – our sales and revenue targets.”

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