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Oracle Introduces Oracle Business Intelligence for Utilities

Oracle has released their latest aspect of new technology: Oracle Business Intelligence for Utilities. This new product enables utilities to access and organize the data they need to meet organizational goals. It is also a solution to help utilities advance and gain visibility into the ample amount of data influx from smart meter and smart grid deployments.

According to group vice president of industry strategy, Linda Jackman the smart meters increase consumption data by over a thousand percent and many utilities are looking for a way to manage it. The latest release of Oracle Business Intelligence for Utilities can meet those objectives and allow utilities to organize and access data more effectively for business decisions.

Oracle Business Intelligence for Utilities makes it easy for utilities to organize data from across the enterprise into reports, in-depth analyses, conduct ad hoc queries, and deploy proactive notifications and alerts.

The Business Intelligence for Utilities can also deliver intelligence across a variety of media, including, maps, charts and mash-ups, that make it easy to understand the complex data. Real-time visuals are also used to advance decision-making, as well as update customers more quickly on pressing situations and alerts.

In addition to Business Intelligence for Utilities, Oracle also plans to release a number of new intelligence modules over the next year. The company’s goal is to improve decision-making, increase worker productivity and operational awareness, and optimize supply and demand resources.

With the growing demand in business intelligence solutions, Oracle is well positioned to leverage its current expertise and assets to take advantage of increased opportunities for revenue and market share growth.

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