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Oracle OpenWorld is This Week!

Yesterday was the beginning of the Oracle OpenWorld 2010 conference, which is taking place in San Francisco. The event will run until September 23. Over 40,000 people are attending this conference, making it one of the largest events in the technology industry. The attendees include Oracle partners, business users and technologists.

Throughout the five days of Oracle OpenWorld, there will be a series of educational presentations that exhibit Oracle’s future strategy and software plans. There will be 1,800 educational sessions, 450 partner exhibits, nearly 400 Oracle product demonstrations and an array of networking activities, such as the Oracle Appreciate Event.

Other highlights of the event are keynote speeches from major leaders in technology, such as Oracle, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Infosys and Rally Software. The speeches will include information and foresight about upcoming software releases. Oracle experts will host over 17 industry-specific sessions to explain Oracle’s business strategies.

There will also be 80 sessions on Server and Storage Systems as well as Tracks. The topics for these sessions include Oracle Enterprise Linus, Oracle Solaris and Sun Flash technologies. Virtualization technology for Sun SPARC and Sun x86 platforms will also be discussed.

The Vice President of Marketing at Oracle, Tania Weidick, commented on Oracle OpenWorld. She said, “This year’s Oracle OpenWorld is jam packed with five days of education and insights into Oracle’s complete technology stack from application to disk. Customers, partners, business users and developers will be given the opportunity to share and build their knowledge and expertise in a wide range of Oracle and partner-based solutions that can further innovation and enhance your business position in the marketplace.”

Overall, it is sure to be a great conference. There is a wide variety of activities and sessions that will show off the latest in Oracle technology, as well as the latest in Oracle partners’ technology solutions.

[Photo courtesy of compendium.]