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VendorDemo's Most Popular CRM Webinars and Whitepapers

Did you know that at VendorDemo, you can watch hundreds of business software webinars and demos – for FREE? This issue of CRM Buzz is dedicated to highlighting some of the latest and greatest on the site, including webinars and whitepapers from leading CRM vendors.  VendorDemo is a great tool to help you build your short list of software vendors, share your favorite videos, and access white papers to learn more about technology solutions.  But to start, check out these picks to see what others are raving about!

The Top 5 Reasons Customers Abandon”
Webinar provided by: NetSuite

Join Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite Inc., and a panel of former customers of for a discussion of “The Top 5 Reasons Customers Abandon” and why thousands of users have switched to NetSuite, the integrated business management suite that includes CRM, Accounting/ERP and Ecommerce.

“The Insider’s Guide to CRM Selection: Ensuring High Adoption Rates with Cost-Effective Configuration”
Webinar provided by: FrontRange

The Insider’s Guide to CRM Selection” is a four part series designed to help you understand critical CRM selection criteria. The series is based on the experiences shared with us by consultants, industry analysts, and customers, including employees, managers, and executives. The goal: to take the guesswork out of your CRM selection process. The Insider’s Guide to CRM Selection: Ensuring High Adoption Rates with Cost-Effective Configuration is the first segment.

“Strategies for a Successful CRM Implementation: A Guide for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises”
Whitepaper provided by: Epicor

Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be a dangerous undertaking.It is filled with uncertainty and change. Hidden obstacles lurk around every corner. Implementing CRM isn’t just a job – it’s an adventure! And we haven’t even started talking about software yet. Because implementing CRM is an adventure, we cannot give you step-by-step instructions like you might use to put together a “some assembly required” birthday present on the night before your child’s birthday. The key elements to CRM implementation success include both principles and tactics – but there is no one right way.

“A Modern Approach to Improving Customer Support: Leveraging the Concepts of Web 2.0 for Self-Service and in the Contact Center”
Whitepaper provided by: KNOVA

The world has changed. Top down command and control models are obsolete. Today, the road to success means empowering customers with Web 2.0 technology and then enabling users to manage their own experiences while simultaneously contributing back content and knowledge beneficial to all. What does this mean for the business of service & support?

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