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– Avaya Call Management System Review

Product Snapshot

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Product uses a SIP architecture with Avaya Aura.

Customer Focus

Vendor is focused on working with companies of all sizes, from small business to enterprises.

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About Avaya Call Management System

- Avaya Call Management SystemAvaya Call Management System is a database, administration and reporting software solution delivered as an application built for managing contact centers that regularly experience high call volumes. The platform provides your business with a way to identify operational issues and take immediate action to fix them using a familiar Windows interface to view data and alerts.

About the Company
Avaya Inc. is a computer networking, information technology and telecommunications company that provides business communications systems to companies around the world. Avaya brings people together with the correct data at the correct time in the right situation, which enables company users to improve efficiency and solve critical business challenges.

Avaya Call Management System Key Features

  • Immediate Feedback tools and capabilities
  • Simplifies Monitoring and Reporting processes
  • Real-time report generation capabilities
  • Contact Center Design customization and Integration functionality
  • Contact Center Managed Services
  • Secure Access Link
  • Vendor offers strategic Communications Consulting services


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