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Virtual Claims Adjuster Review

Product Snapshot


Virtual Claims Adjuster is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Virtual Claims Adjuster works with enterprise and mid-sized companies.

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About Virtual Claims Adjuster

Virtual Claims AdjusterVirtual Claims Adjuster is a web-based claims management system designed to bring you claim information quickly and efficiently. You can easily customize the program interface, and each part of the system is accessible from any screen. When you enter claim data, the system expedites this process by providing templates and easy invoice creation. Lastly, Virtual Claims Adjuster serves as a messaging platform between you and your clients and has a notification system that alerts you of upcoming tasks.

About Virtual Claims Adjuster
Virtual Claims Adjuster is owned by Code Evolution inc. Code Evolution is headquartered in Australia and was founded in 2009.

Virtual Claims Adjuster Key Features

  • Web-based claim management system
  • Provides you with claim information in a simple manner
  • Customizable program interface
  • Each system is accessible from any screen
  • Designed to minimize the number of keystrokes needed to perform an action
  • Expedites data entry through template forms
  • Provides notifications for upcoming tasks
  • Can be used to as a communication platform for you and your customers

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