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AccuDraft succeeds with SalesJunction's SFA

AccuDraft succeeds with SalesJunction’s SFA

What does a leading provider of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions do when faced with rapid growth, a rising demand for its solutions, and an increasing volume of leads? It turns to on-demand Sales Force Automation (SFA) from

The Company

AccuDraft, Inc. provides robust software and comprehensive services for CLM. The company’s innovative, fully-hosted solutions enable organizations to dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of their contracts and other vital business documents by simplifying and automating the way they are created and maintained. Over 400 leading companies such as Charles Schwab and Shell Oil rely on AccuDraft to enhance their most vital contract processes and ensure contract compliance.

The Challenge

The demand for AccuDraft solutions is on the rise. While this increase can be partially attributed to rapid growth in the CLM market, it’s the company’s unique rules-based technologies that have really grabbed the attention of potential customers. AccuDraft’s small, but growing sales team needed a more efficient way to manage an increasing number of sales leads and the resulting opportunities.

When the company outgrew its homegrown SFA system a few years back, it moved to a hybrid version of ACT! which was hosted on the Web. AccuDraft sales reps found the system to be quite slow and cumbersome, and began requesting a new solution to help them streamline their selling activities.

“As we strive to continue to expand our business, we need to make sure our sales reps have the tools they need to facilitate growth in both revenue and market share,” said Daniel Sheehan, AccuDraft’s Executive Vice President of Sales.

The Solution

After researching numerous solutions over the course of four months, AccuDraft chose a hosted solution from The application provided AccuDraft with powerful contact management and sales force automation capabilities, in an easy-to-use, Web-based environment.

“As a provider of on-demand solutions ourselves, we understand the significant benefits that can be derived through the use of hosted applications,” Sheehan added. “Additionally, our sales team is made up primarily of remote and virtual reps. So, we wanted a solution that was full-featured and 100 percent Web-based. But, it also had to be economical, offering a lot of value at an affordable price point.”

Also on the company’s list of key criteria was user-friendliness. Sheehan wanted his reps to be up and running as quickly as possible, so he needed an intuitive solution that wouldn’t require extensive training. Additionally, it had to be simple enough so as not to distract reps from their day-to-day selling responsibilities.

The Results

Training on the new system was completed by Sheehan in just a few hour-long Web sessions, with no assistance from the vendor required. Reps were “live” within a couple of days, and have been quite pleased with the solution. It gives them all the functionality they need to easily track and manage their leads, sales opportunities, and related activities. Additionally, it offers extensive personalization, allowing each rep to custom-tailor the solution in the way that works best for them.

“The offering met all our requirements,” concluded Sheehan. “It provides us with the features and ease-of-use we need, as well as the flexibility and scalability to address our changing requirements as our sales force continues to grow. We’re completely satisfied with our choice, and the results.”

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