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Amazon's Newest Kindle Will Give IPad Some Major Competition

Amazon just introduced the third generation of its Kindle, an e-book reader, which will be available on August 27th. The Kindle has been Amazon’s #1 bestselling item for the past two years. There is an emphasized focus on reading for the new version. The third Kindle is similar to the other two although there are some prominent new and updated features that make the Kindle unique and enticing.

The new device is 21 percent smaller than the other versions. It is 8.7 ounces, which makes it 15 percent lighter. It is approximately one-third of an inch. In addition, Amazon increased the contrast by 50 percent to reduce greyness, which is a common side effect of E Ink displays. The new E Ink screen is very bright, at least compared to typical E Ink screens. The E Ink screen is so that there will be no glare, unlike the iPad. Users can even read the Kindle in the sunlight.

Downloading books is even faster on the updated Kindle. Users can download books in just 60 seconds through the 3G or Wireless network. The Kindle holds up to 3,500 books so you can keep your entire library in the small device. Even organize your library into categories or collections so they are easy to browse or search for. The Kindle will also have faster page turns and new fonts. Text size can be modified for users with tired or bad eyes. Full image zoom is another key feature. The Kindle has a 5-way controller for easy navigation or text highlighting.

Amazon’s Kindle, in graphite and white

Amazon boasts of low Kindle book prices, as compared to those in print. Also, the Kindle is lighter and smaller than most books so it is easy to carry and store. It enables users to carry all of their books at once so if they need to refer or reread something, it is no problem. Also, for those who find touch screen difficult to type on- the Kindle has a small physical keyboard. Typing is fast and easy. The Kindle also has up to one month of battery life, with the wireless off.

The new Kindle is offered in two colors- graphite and white. The Kindle’s biggest draw is its price. The 3G Kindle, which has no monthly charges and free access to all 3G networks, is priced at $189. The WiFi Kindle, priced at $139, does not have access to any 3G network but can easily access free WiFi spots. This is far cheaper that the iPad or other tablets and readers. It is also cheaper than its direct competitor, the Barnes & Noble Nook. Amazon may be able to offer this low price because they know that once users buy the Kindle, they will buy numerous books from Amazon’s e-book library. Over 235,000 books were just added in the last 6 months and over 1.8 million books are free on Amazon’s website.

The new Kindle might give the iPad some competition because it is cheaper, has a non-glare screen and has a physical keyboard.  While it does not have games and the internet that the iPad has, its e-reading abilities are more advanced.  Check out more details about this simple, fast and easy e-book reading device on Amazon’s website.  Also view the video below for a 3D view of the new Kindle.

[Photo courtesy of technicalbulls.]