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Apple iPad: "Holy Grail" of Mobile Technology

Recently, fans of the iPad tablet, have dubbed it the “miracle device”. This is because proponents of the iPad believe that it will save publishing, improve education, and enhance productivity in corporations.

Publishers have been seeking revenue relief, and they believe that the iPad may be the solution. Nicholas Coleridge, managing director of Condé Nast UK, claims that iPad’s will contribute up to 40% of future revenue. He also noted that magazine readers are willing to pay as long as they’re purchasing appealing content for the right price. In an interview conducted by The Guardian, Coleridge commented, “I would expect 70% of our sales to come from print and 30%, or even 40% to come from products such as the iPad.”

The next claim is that the iPad will boost overall education. The iPad can purportedly reduce overall education costs, boost student interest and involvement, and ultimately retain more students over time. The use of familiar technology that children enjoy is already proven to boost educational achievement, but schools can apparently save on costs of textbooks by allowing iPad access to all of the same learning materials. A study conducted at Notre Dame University has even found that students using iPads were more likely to read articles assigned to them, compared to students that received print-outs.

Several companies have also realized the benefits of the Apple iPad in conducting business. Companies like VCC, a retail construction company, use the iPad in day-to-day activities to increase productivity and even acquire new business. Another company, MicroStrategy, a business intelligence software provider, recently deployed approximately 1,100 iPads to employees and plan to deploy at least 700 more.

Vice President of Products at MicroStrategy, Mark LaRow, described the benefits of the iPad as not only being cheaper to own and maintain than laptops, but Larow emphasized the instant-on capability and the mobility of the iPad. He said, “People don’t wait two minutes for it to boot like with a laptop. It’s instant on, and that’s a big deal.” He went on to continue about the convenience of the iPad, “Before, that was done only on a desktop, but as a workflow tool, using the iPad and iPhone has meant a big boost in productivity because you can use it wherever you are, when you have a spare moment.”

Since its release, the iPad has been revered as the “holy grail” of today’s mobile technology. With new uses for the tablet being found practically every day, it’s no wonder why iPad-a-holics are referring to it as the “miracle device”.

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[Photo courtesy of metroeve.]