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Attunity Announces Multi-Million Dollar OEM Microsoft Agreement to Drive Business Intelligence

Real-time data integration and event capture software provider, Attunity, has announced a business intelligence deal with Microsoft. This multi-million dollar OEM agreement ensures Microsoft will offer Attunity’s change data capture in the next version of Microsoft’s SQL Server.

The integration of Attunity’s change data capture (CDC) with the SQL Server will deliver on customer support requirements in strategic markets, including cloud computing and real-time business intelligence. This integration ensures the efficient movement of data from Oracle databases and addresses the data availability demand for business intelligence and data warehousing.

According to Shimon Alon, Attunity’s Chairman and CEO, this OEM agreement is a turning point for Attunity as a significant payments will arrive during 2011 and the end of 2012, enabling the company to strengthen its cash position and accelerate growth with additional investments in sales, marketing and R&D. Attunity will also be in a better position to target high growth markets such as cloud computing.

Microsoft Product Unit Manager, Denise Draper added that Microsoft is focused on delivering a business platform that enables customers to maximize the value of their data for business intelligence and operations, whether on-premise or in the cloud. With Attunity’s CDC available in the SQL Server, data can be used more efficiently and customers can capitalize on the lower cost of ownership of the Microsoft platform and cloud computing.

A provider of CDC technology, Attunity offers CDC products for a number of heterogeneous enterprise databases, relational and non-relational, for platforms that range from Windows to the mainframe. The company was previously selected by Microsoft to provide high-speed connectors.

[Photo courtesy of makeameme.]