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AvePoint's DocAve for Salesforce Chatter revolutionizes data collaboration

AvePoint recently announced the launch of DocAve for Salesforce Chatter on’s ChatterExchange. DocAve is one a kind product which allows organizations to fully collaborate SharePoint content via SalesForce Chatter. This enables businesses to access and integrate data on an enterprise-wide level without any issues. Also, the application leverages the social components of Chatter in the platform, and is the world’s only integration to be available on AppExchange.

The integration provides organizations with the perfect opportunity to easily share and access, not just any content, but real-time information, making them more competitive. Some of Chatter’s real-time collaboration features include, news feeds, status notification and other content sharing tools. It’s definitely a value-added integration for companies in any industry.

Commenting on the integration, AvePoint’s Vice President of Corporate Development said, “‘we are very excited to offer DocAve for Salesforce Chatter on the new ChatterExchange. Chatter is poised to revolutionize how knowledge workers share information and collaborate, so it is critical for Chatter to surface all of an organization’s digital assets. With DocAve, content authored and stewarded within Microsoft SharePoint can be seamlessly propagated to Salesforce Content, where it can truly be ‘brought to life’ and collaborated upon in real-time by Chatter users.’

Among the many integration tools available in the market, AvePoint’s DocAve on’s ChatterExchange will definitely revolutionize the way data is synchronized and collaborated.

[Photo courtesy of wikimedia.]