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Best Online CRM Solutions for 2011

When looking for the best online CRM solution, one of the main points for consideration is the price. Online CRM solutions are nowhere near “cheap” and when it comes to looking for the right one and the best fit for your company, the price can be the biggest deterrent.

With price in mind, we have compiled a list of the best-hosted online CRM systems that are on demand for the New Year. CRM has already made its mark as one of the top hosted customer relationship management services for 2011. Zoho Online CRM, Commerce Online Hosted CRM and Surado CRM, are just a few other top rated online CRM solutions that may also offer a good fit for your environment.

Zoho Online CRM is a great fit for those with a budget. The online solution is a free edition that provides basic CRM management. What makes Zoho Online CRM so appealing is the fact that he or she can try the free edition before committing to buying the commercial version.

Commerce Online Hosted CRM helps users capture, track, manage and share customer information with personnel and departments to improve customer relationships. This on-demand CRM software integrates the functional modules and features of e-mail marketing, scheduling, corporate activity management, sales force CRM automation, sales lead management, CRM accounting, eCommerce marketing and campaigns, customer services and supports, document management, project management, customer tracking and reporting, CRM analysis and mobile phone supports.

As a majority of online CRM solutions can be an investment, free and open source CRM software solutions are viable alternatives and generally readily available for download. Keep in mind, an open source solution may not be completely free and a user may have to pay more money than expected for CRM hardware, implementation, configuration, integration and customer supports.

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