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BlackBerry's New OS Will Appeal to Business Users

Blackberry has had to face a lot of competition recently, with the latest iPhone 4 and the new Android devices. Research in Motion (RIM) is hoping to get a leg up on the competition with the latest BlackBerry operating system, BlackBerry 6. The latest RIM device, the Blackberry Bold 9780, will run on the Blackberry 6 operating system.

The Bold 9780 will have minor aesthetic changes and 512 MB of RAM to support the new operating system. Blackberry 6 will have a universal search, five new “views” and a quick access feature. There will also be context-sensitive pop up menus. New applications were added to the OS, including Social Feeds which integrates all news and social networks into one place. RIM addressed the browsing problems on the old BlackBerry models. The browser will now be a lot easier to use.

BlackBerry 6 Screenshot

While BlackBerry devices are reputed for their usability for business practices, it seems that RIM is trying to emphasize more entertainment features such as the Social Feeds application. It will still primarily remain a business smartphone as RIM is updating the OS to complement more of business users’ needs.  Also, the Social Feeds application can be used as a business networking tool.  Blackberry’s OS needed an update because many business users were drifting away from the BlackBerry’s outdated features to the iPhone.  Now, BlackBerry 6 might be enough to keep them from drifting.  BlackBerry 6 claims that its new platform will enable users to pull up customer data, generate invoices, accept credit cards and file reports.  It will be easier to share information with colleagues so that decisions are made faster.  BlackBerry is also putting the emphasis on the ease of setting up BlackBerry devices for companies.  In addition, they are again emphasizing the security and flexibility of these smartphone devices.

BlackBerry is very excited and the release of the new operating system, but will it be enough to handle the competition? RIM seems to think so. Presumably, several more BlackBerry models will be released along with the release of the BlackBerry 6 operating system. There is also a possibility of a touch screen BlackBerry because the new OS will be able to support it.

Check out the video below that discusses the BlackBerry platform for business users.

[Photo courtesy of arstechnica.]