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Business Course Now Available on iPad

Recently, Intersog, a mobile educational software company, has announced the release of PocketMBA for the iPad. PocketMBA teaches a cost management accounting and control course, which is optimized for the iPad tablet.

The PocketMBA cost management course is designed for a range of users looking to master techniques and skills to help their businesses become globally competitive. The iPad education app presents the course materials in an easy to understand manner, and only requires a general business background to be beneficial. The new intuitive iPad education app contains a complete course textbook, and features useful devices such as flash cards, chapter tests, and other graphic learning devices. The iPad education app contains complete explanations of all of the subject matter, and the app can even be shared with friends.

PocketMBA teaches users how to properly implement the course materials in real-time situations, and gives users the knowledge and understanding to use best cost management practices that lead to overall business growth.

[Photo courtesy of goodereader.]