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Business Intelligence Reporting Available on Android

In 2010, The Graebel Companies, Inc. launched its latest mobile communications and reporting option. The Graebel Relocation app and the Move Management app is designed to deliver business intelligence for customers relocating with Graebel who are equipped with either an Android or iPhone mobile device. The client will have immediate access to their relocation and moving details.

The Graebel Relocation app makes Graebel the first full-service relocation and moving organization to offer a mobile communications and reporting option from an iPhone or an iPad tablet computer to drive business intelligence to the consumer sector in this capacity.

These applications are offered at no additional cost to customers and provide easy access to a secure password protected Graebel relocation portal. Customers will have immediate access to their relocation and moving details including expense reporting, immigration, temporary living information, destination data and household goods shipment status for air, surface, ocean and other shipment details.

With online client access to information, the relocation process is instantly accountable. Graebel has positioned itself as focused on enhancing pushing the boundaries of technology as the company delivers global mobility services that are even more efficient, user-friendly and eco-friendly.

Due to their launch of the industry’s first relocation app, and more recently the Relocation and Move Management Android apps, the company is constantly demonstrating how to anticipate and deliver on their commitment to bring innovative and cost-effective business intelligence solutions to clients’ ever-changing needs.

Relocation is one of the most stressful life events and this is why Graebel customers are supported by experienced and helpful customer service people from around the world.
The company continues to make customer service a priority in their quest to be the best relocation company.

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