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Can Your Company Handle the Cloud? Forrester Says Probably Not..

With the recent advancements of the cloud, it seems that it is the real future of technology. There are so many benefits of entering the cloud that one would think that most companies would make the transition within the next ten or so years. It is a powerful, flexible and economical option that numerous businesses are considering. Forrester Research, on the other hand, thinks that most companies are not ready for the cloud.

Forrester published a report entitled “You’re Not Ready for Internal Cloud”. In the report, Forrester explains that only 5 percent of companies are ready for cloud deployment because they lack the experience to manage a cloud-based infrastructure.

Most companies are not able to “deliver a standardized and automated computing environment to all of their business units on demand.” It takes plans and extensive preparation to make the transition to the cloud, but most companies approach it with short term and inefficient planning. That is their biggest issue.

Forrester recommends that companies start integrating cloud solutions into their business model slowly by using cloud computing for a few projects at first. Then, over time as companies begin to build a mature infrastructure the move to the cloud will be easier. Companies should also start getting ready by providing self-service options for users through a customer portal or service catalog. Then, they should follow a ‘maturity plan’ to prepare for management and automation technologies.

As the cloud is the latest hot thing in technology, following the trend is not always as easy as it sounds. It does take preparation and change to prepare for a transition to a cloud-based system. Delivering a comprehensive internal cloud can take years.

Check out Forrester’s table below about businesses’ interest in cloud computing solutions.  Also, view Forrester’s official report on its website.

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