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Cisco Unveils Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Cisco has introduced Cisco Quad, an enterprise collaboration platform that integrates voice, video and social networking into a single workspace accessible via a desktop or an Apple iPhone or iPad. Cisco Quad also provides search across all content within an organization and can be used to locate people within a corporation. The search capabilities are linked to the new software’s ability to be integrated with content management systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint and Documentum.

Cisco Quad can also be integrated with Cisco voice and video communications technologies. In addition, Cisco plans to release mobile applications for accessing the Quad workspace via iPhone or iPad.

INX was a participant of the early trials of Quad. INX liked that Cisco Quad allowed them to work out of one environment that brings all of the other applications, tools and content to the forefront as needed when they are needed in a meeting or a business process. They found that it enabled workers within the company to have relevant content and resources pushed to them automatically versus having to spend excessive time locating the right document, person or information.

Quad includes a Cisco “show and share” license that allows users to publish video on the platform. Complementing that capability is Cisco’s new online video workspace, called FocalPoint, and its new business-class, four-hour Flip MinoPRO camcorder.

FocalPoint provides cloud-based management and sharing of video taken with the MinoPRO camcorder, which includes preloaded editing software. Video posted to FocalPoint can be integrated into a Quad workspace.

Finally, Cisco has introduced a browser-based instant messaging client as part of the latest version of the WebEx Connect IM. Version 6.5 of Connect also includes server-side IM logging, which makes it possible to store messaging traffic to comply with government or legal requirements. Cisco has used the same underlying technology in Connect in the Quad platform.

The latest announcements reflect Cisco’s strategic push into areas beyond its traditional focus on routers, switches and other networking equipments. Among those areas is the use of collaboration technology that sits on top of the corporate network.

[Photo courtesy of techcrunch.]