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ClickSquared to Benefit from Jaspersoft's Business Intelligence

E-mail and cross-channel database marketing solutions provider, ClickSquared, has selected Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition for embedding into its on-demand, cross-channel marketing platform.

ClickSquared clients will gain access to powerful ad hoc reporting and data analysis capabilities as a result of Jaspersoft’s commercial open source software as it allows for code-level integration with ClickSquared’s SaaS marketing platform.

ClickSquared is able to create a completely seamless user experience for all marketing users as Jaspersoft’s multi-tenant design and metadata construct mirror the on-demand architecture supported by ClickSquared. As a result, marketers can explore customer profiles, behavior and campaign response data. Discoveries and immediate campaign creation are also possible to enable these marketers to get the most value out of their campaign investments.

Daniel Smith, senior vice president marketing at ClickSquared, shared in a statement that in order to be successful in the competitive environment today, marketers need to have a complete understanding of their customers, as well as visibility into the performance of all online marketing offers and campaigns.

By embedding Jaspersoft into its SaaS platform, ClickSquared can easily offer customers self-service reporting, data exploration, and dashboard capabilities. Intuitive customer analysis tools are also integrated as part of the company’s on-demand Click 3G marketing platform.

Jaspersoft’s chief marketing officer, Jim Bell, shared that the company is excited to be working with ClickSquared as it is considered one of the leading e-mail and cross-channel database marketing companies in the industry.

With Jaspersoft’s business intelligence suite added as a powerful extension to ClickSquared’s robust SaaS marketing platform, marketers will enjoy visibility into, as well as analysis of, mission-critical customer and campaign data to not only measure success, but also evaluate best steps for moving forward.

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