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Consona CRM on "Going Green"

Today, people, companies, and government are all looking for ways to live and conduct business in an environmentally responsible way.  In tune to this growing trend, business software contributes more than valuable reports to lead a company as well as paperless trail to lead a revolution.  Tim Hines, Vice President of Product Management Consona CRM, has seen his customers save money while achieving a paperless operation delivering real-time data. 

The savings resulting from available business software to technology buyers are clear as more companies strive for paperless operations.  Incoming paperwork can be digitized, eliminating the need to print, sort, manually organize and key orders into the system.  Add to that the reduced cost of toner, file folders, staples, clips, highlighters, copier and printer repair, storage of old paperwork and a lot of handling, and it’s easy to see why a good CRM investment pays for itself several times over.  But the benefit is seen by more than the company: with over 2.5 million pieces of paper saved each year, there is a cost savings to the environment, as well.
The CRM suite of tomorrow will address the paper problem with a fully integrated single support system for customer interaction and customer service.   Split screen technology allows the representative to simultaneously view the whole situation digital, an example would be the order, the entry screen, and/or other CRM data accessible on the screen.  Better, more consistent service is possible using the appropriate procedures for each customer when accounts are assigned to specific teams as the system automatically routes the document to the correct team. 

Today’s IT technology provides safe documentation and good business practices reducing lost orders, delayed orders, misdirected orders reinforcing the notion that saving trees may also be saving money for businesses.  These ‘green’ applications are all available, to some level of evolution and sophistication, in the software marketplace today. 

 [Photo courtesy of earth911.]