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Crisis on Wall Street: Article Resources

The future of businesses large and small has suddenly become uncertain. And while most economists, according to, don’t believe another depression is likely, this doesn’t change the fact that the financial impact on businesses has already proven to be significant.  Everyone’s purse is getting lighter. 

In light of our current economic situation, what is a company to do?  We want to direct you to articles from business experts who offer advice on surviving the current, dire state of the economy.  Follow the links to read about the solutions that could save organizations.

Financial Crisis Survival Kit

October 6, 2008’s “Financial Crisis Survival Kit” provides a collection of valuable articles, including “10 Tips for Keeping Cash Flowing”, “10 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Website”, and “5 Ways the Meltdown Will Change Digital Marketing”. 

Small Business Owners Deal with the Financial Crisis
September 19, 2008

In this Business Week article, experts advise small business owners on issues relating to the current financial crisis, including business loans, labor, pricing, insurance. The bottom line?  “Entrepreneurs should be mentally and financially prepared to hunker down in this economy for a couple of years,” Sam Thacker, finance and credit expert for, says.

The Financial Crisis: A Survival Guide for Startups

September 20, 2008

From Ryan Janssen, COO of, a web platform that connects investors and entrepreneurs, offers three tips for startups in order to survive the financial crisis: 1. Communicate with your team and investors. 2. Focus on finding revenues. 3. Do less.

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