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CRM Magazine: SugarCRM Defeats Open Source Competition by a Mile

Earlier this fall, CRM Magazine announced SugarCRM received their Top Open Source Technology Market Award for the second consecutive year. Given that the economy has left companies rethinking their CRM investments—thereby pushing more CRM providers toward open source and helping open source find a niche—it is a definite feat that SugarCRM not only swept the category but was deemed “head-and-shoulders above the rest.”

SugarCRM’s cloud-based platform is known for being easy to use, and for its adaptability to unique business requirements. Open source helps with this, as current CEO Larry Augustin notes that developers use the code to ease integrations rather to actually modify it. It also gives people a better understanding of the inner workings of the platform, and this comprehension is at a higher level than if it’s a SaaS-only or proprietary closed-source model.

Another indication of SugarCRM’s superior open source offering is their incorporation into Microsoft’s web platform. Microsoft is another strong platform in the open source community, and their application installer platform allows people running on MS OS to install SugarCRM through the installer for open source.

It is of note that while SugarCRM was far above the competition, CRM Magazine does note that their score from this year had dropped a couple tenths of a point. This isn’t necessarily a testament to any lacking in SugarCRM’s open source technology, but it is an indication that more CRM providers are entering the field and advancing their products.

[Photo courtesy of deskbg.]