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Dropbox for Blackberry in Beta

Dropbox Inc. is a web-based file hosting service provider that uses cloud computing to create an online file storage center. Dropbox just released a beta service for the BlackBerry. The service brings 2 gigabytes of remote storage to the smartphone device.

The mobile Dropbox service is already available for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Mobile Dropbox allows users to view, share or download files, on the go. Users can create a folder for certain files that they want to consolidate over their various computers or phones. Users can even sync photos and videos to their Dropbox.

Dropbox is useful as a backup storage or consolidation tool. Dropbox even saves different saved versions so users can access the original non-edited file. Dropbox for Blackberry will allow users to stream movies and music, upload pictures taken on the BlackBerry camera and open files in your Dropbox account. Users can back up to 2GB for free in the cloud and they can pay for more storage space if they desire.  Dropbox for Blackberry is great for business users who need to access the information from their computers, on the go.  View important business files or statements on your phone while on vacation or away from your desk.  Also, with the BlackBerry users can rely on high-security so no business file will be compromised.

The beta is limited to 1,000 users but it is already fully subscribed. While it is too late to sign up for the beta, hopefully the completed application will be publicly released soon. Dropbox for BlackBerry will only run on OS 5.0 devices, but it will eventually be expanded to earlier OS versions as the product becomes more stable.

Learn more about Dropbox on their website and stay tuned for the official Dropbox for BlackBerry application.

[Photo courtesy of techpocket.]