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ERP: the Musical?

Where will ERP go next? In a radical artistic move, producer Andrea McIntyre is bringing the most popular enterprise business text of the past six months, Cameron Bidwell’s Best Laid Plans: The ERP Imperative, to an off-Broadway stage with her new musical In the Key of ERP. And if you ask Norah Helms, who plays “the CFO”, the book was just screaming for a musical adaptation:  “This is the Rocky of enterprise business books. I’m not kidding. This book has the exact same plot as Rocky.”

In the Key of ERP employs well-known Broadway talents, including director/choreographer Hal King and legendary composer Jerry Bernheim, and has found a home in the Pembleton Theatre in New York City.  Describing the plot, the website says:
Set against the backdrop of the infamous 2006 “Summer of IT” In the Key of ERP follows the harrowing journey of Anne Magnuson, Director of IT for Bulky Buy as she battles to implement a new ERP solution. I know, chills, right?

A 5-part documentary on the making of the musical is available on the website. You can watch the first three episodes, with hilarious behind-the-scenes footage, here.

[Photo courtesy of cio.]