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Faces at Dreamforce '12

The team is at Dreamforce ’12 this week, documenting what is called “the cloud computing event of the year.” We will be talking with innovative brand name companies, the hottest start-ups, and attendees to take the pulse on what’s happening in business technology right now. Join us for a live feed of what people are saying at Dreamforce ’12. Browse our complete collection of software news by visiting the News & Trends section of the blog.

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Deniz Kuypers

Director, Program Research,
Program Research, Editor, Expert in ERP, Cloud, Financial Automation
Deniz Kuypers, Director, Program Research at, worked for years in Sales and Marketing, managing Global 2000 accounts in the area of financial automation. Responsible for lead generation, contract negotiation, and the development and execution of marketing strategies, Deniz was ...