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Gartner Offers Insight on Business Intelligence Future

Gartner Research Director, Neil Chandler, says that Business Intelligence will be much different by 2014 and that the transformation is already underway.

Chandler says the way we use information to make decisions is changing as Business Intelligence and analytics become less of an IT report-based capability and more of an information decision tool for end users.

His announcement makes four predictions for business intelligence and data analytics in 2014. These predictions are based in Mobile, Mainstream, Spending shifts, and Collaborative decision-making.

With these mobile predictions there will be many more users as well as more specialized applications. Chandler believes that about a third of business intelligence functionality in 2014 will be consumed by users with mobile devices.

He also reminds us that end users want to access enterprise business intelligence data so they can more effectively work with customers and suppliers, regardless of the device they use.

Mainstream predictive analytics drives a need for faster processing. According to Chandler, almost a third of packaged business intelligence applications in 2014 will integrate text and data analysis and modeling, and complex business rules and predictive analytics into a more standard, mainstream functionality.

He further predicts there will be spending shifts toward solution providers and integrators and that business intelligence spending will migrate toward solution providers with about 40 percent going to service providers who integrate enterprise business intelligence data with other external data sources.

Gartner expects that collaborative, social decision-making environments will emerge and that social software as well as the move to a more collaborative decision-making is a cultural change. This research firm recommends finding a senior executive to head up this cultural evolution and that this person should help demonstrate the business impact with this new way of decision-making.

[Photo courtesy of Peter Karlsson.]