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Global Shop Solutions Introduces New ERP Customization Tool

Global Shop Solutions, the nation’s largest privately-held ERP software system provider for the manufacturing industry, recently introduced its Global Application Builder (GAB), an affordable programming tool which allows users to customize Global Shop’s ERP system to fit their needs. 

According to Global Shop’s press release, “GAB is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) language built from the ground-up to integrate with Global Shop Solutions’ One-System ERP Solutions.

Unlike other customization tools in the industry, GAB allows both front-end and business logic customizations without impact to the core system. System integrity and upgrade migration are not compromised, and users are able to make functionality changes without waiting for a customized option to be built or for a system update.”Dusty Alexander, President of the Texas-based company, says, “Our success is rooted in our determination to listen to our customers. This tool is a perfect example of that.  We’re empowering customers by giving them the opportunity to get the customization they want for less cost.”

Among its many features, GAB enables customers to re-configure screen elements; to integrate with common software suites like MS Office and Sun OpenOffice; to integrate with third-party products using popular networking protocols; to create user-defined workflows and user-specific security; and to create new ERP subsystems that integrate with the base package.

Additionally, GAB allows users to exchange information and share knowledge; using GAB, customers can post projects onto the GAB Forum and share or discuss those projects with other customers. 

If customizing still sounds like too much, Global Shop Solutions R&D personnel is, of course, available to create custom solutions for customers in GAB.  But with this exciting new product, customizing your ERP system has never been easier.

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