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Google v. Microsoft for Cloud Computing King

In recent months, Google has made plans to set its foot in the small and medium business (SMB) market. The multinational cloud computing company intends to swipe some of Microsoft’s control in the SMB cloud computing market. Microsoft is a long-standing business and it along with the newer cloud computing competitors may stand in Google’s way.

Cloud computing in the SMB market is very profitable because it providers smaller companies with an affordable database, programming and communication solutions. Cloud computing does not necessitate technical expertise or hardware so it is easy and cost-friendly.

Google has focused in on SMBs, particularly with its latest Google Small Business Blog. The blog launched earlier this month. It is a place where SMBS can find helpful tips, articles and features that will specifically help their company. Google sneakily wrote in Google product recommendations throughout the articles to hint at SMBs to buy their products. The blog is designed for any business from a small mom and pop store to a successful start up company.

Google has many website features tailored for SMBs. These include Google Docs, with auto-formatted hyperlinks, Google Sites and AdWords Help Forum, which includes a forum entitled the Small Business Corner. Google is even pairing up with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to create “Tools for Online Success”, which will educate business owners on how to succeed online. Google also recently released nine new applications, such as ToBeeDo, DeskAway and Katera Networks, in the Google Apps Marketplace that are business-focused.

Google is paying all of this attention to small businesses because it needs them. AdWords gives Google a big chunk of its revenue and there is a huge potential for more profits if it can tap into the SMB market successfully. To do this, Google needs to overcome Microsoft and other cloud-based companies like Dimdim, and Dropbox. Google needs to make its prices more competitive and its products more unique to fend off the other companies. Also, Google’s security is notably less secure than that of Microsoft. While Google is still a major player in the cloud industry, Microsoft stands to threaten the cloud company.

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