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Hottest iPad Business Apps

Through the right applications, the iPad can be a useful tool for business, and not simply a large 9.7″ distraction.

GoDocs allows users to access Google Documents, whether offline or online. This application allows for businesspeople to work through documents on their iPad, with folder organization and the ability to view past revisions.

Analytics HD
This app connects to analytical business reports in a quick and efficient interface. Business data can be accessed on the go; the iPad can be brought outside or into conference rooms to present the information. Content reports are given in an array of vital statistics for “Today” and “Yesterday.”

Air Sharing HD
Air Sharing for the iPad allows wireless access between computers and an iPad on the same wi-fi network. The iPad becomes a wireless hard drive. Files can be readily transferred to be viewed, emailed, shared, and printed.
This provides businesses with an application to store and share files through the iPad and iPhone. All files (Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, images, videos, audio files) can be opened and edited by any business contacts sharing the Box account. Changes within the applications like comments, uploads, downloads, or edits are given through an update monitor.

Citrix Receiver
This application turns the iPad into a mobile business desktop. Any Windows application can be accessed and navigated with intuitive touch screen gestures.

MobileIron Sentry
The mounting number of mobile business devices can be kept in check from your iPad. MobileIron Sentry is a security application that monitors mobile devices. Those devices on your business network can be viewed and tracked. Potential threats can be blocked, or compromised devices can be remotely wiped of critical business data.

This application compiles business data from a variety of sources and displays it in clean visualizations. The information can be stored, edited, and managed from a custom dashboard. The graphic displays on the iPad can be used for impromptu business presentations and data reports.

LogMeIn Ignition
The iPad app for LogMeIn allows remote access from anywhere to any computer. When set up, your main computer and all the files on it can be conveniently accessed from afar, making it easier to bring files from home to business.  Additionally, the application can be used for direct control over the computer.

Fax Print & Share for iPad
Fax Print & Share is an application suite that supports faxing, printing, and sharing without using additional software. From an iPad, connected printers can be used. Paperwork can be faxed or emailed to business associates directly.

The FileMaker tool is brought to the iPad. The application retains many of the same business database management features. Reports on business contact information, statistics, projects, etc. can be carried anywhere on your iPad or accessed via a synced computer.

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