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Infor-Lawson Merger Could Rock the ERP World

Hold onto your hats Oracle and SAP, the ERP world is about to be shaken. In what could potentially be the biggest news to rock the ERP landscape in a while, Infor and Lawson are considering a merger. Yes, that’s right, two ERP leaders are considering joining forces to give Sage a run for their money as the third largest ERP enterprise. The largest ERP software vendors being SAP and Oracle, of course. 

Nothing has been solidified as of yet, but Infor ($1.2 billion) has offered Lawson ($360 million) $11.25 a share to acquire the successful ERP company. Both companies have software offerings under their ERP umbrella, including CRM, supply chain management and HR software. There is a lot for the 36 year ERP software vendor to consider.

Infor’s past is littered with success, as it has grown into an ERP leader with over 70,000 customers in 125 countries. Infor’s product line boasts solutions for CRM, EAM,  ERP, Expense Management, Financial Management, HCM, SCM and many more software segments.

The Minnesota-based Lawson Software boasts quite the ERP resume as well, with headquarters across multiple US states, Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Lawson had their very own shopping spree recently and acquired Enwisen for $70 million. Lawson offers solutions for industry sectors including: Fashion, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Financial Services, Retail Transportation and Equipment Rental.

What does this merger mean for the ERP world? If the ERP software companies unite, the Infor-Lawson merger would secure them a spot as the number 3 ERP player with 7.5% share. SAP holds a whopping 26% with Oracle not far behind at 12%, and Sage pushed to the number 4 spot with 6.8%. Basically, this merger would be a game changer for the ERP software world.

Infor appointed Charles Phillips as their president in October 2010, which is one factor that could influence a merger. At Lawson’s end, billionaire Carl Icahn who is an active and substantial stakeholder at the company, could push for a merger as well. Meanwhile, Oracle is rumored to be making a play for Lawson as well. However, Oracle may be put off by Lawson’s long-standing relationship with IBM. Oh what a tangled software web we weave. Stay tuned!

[Photo courtesy of shia-courtney.]