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Intelestream CRM Releases New 4.0 Version

Intelestream Incorporation is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provider and consulting company, based out of Chicago, to provide OpenSource CRM Professional Services. Intelestream Inc. develops intelecrm–an online CRM software, geared towards small to mid-sized companies, as a cost-effective solution that allows for unlimited users. Along with its unsurpassed affordability, Intelestream CRM capitalizes on their versatility among a variety of industries. The enterprise is comprised of the leading CRM experts in both business and technology to deliver an efficient, powerful, and unique CRM solution.

Today, Intelestream released their latest 4.0 CRM version that highlights an improved reporting feature, increased functionality for Intelestream’s Order Management suite, an optimized universal search tool, and overall improvements within the email marketing segment. Intelestream’s 4.0 version primarily targeted three areas for improvement: visibility, automation, and user-adoption.

Intelestream’s  Vice President of Sales, Ray Stoekicht, announced: “Intelecrm version 4.0 is centered around the notion of providing our users with more of what they need and less of what they don’t. For example, in one area we have added more options for generating custom reports. In another we have made the email marketing engine more user friendly by eliminating clicks and superfluous steps.”


Intelecrm’s latest 4.0 version allows users to achieve optimal visibility through better reporting and analytics tools. Users are given more capabilities such as composing, scheduling, and sharing customizable reports. With the improved universal search application, users are capable of instantly finding any needed information which include quote and service order numbers.


The 4.0 Intelecrm version significantly reduces time for processes by automating them, instead of manual input and order management. Payment processing–from payment submission to the final authorization–is another completely automated process. Intelecrm also includes a recurring biling and invoicing tool as an additional advantage for convenience.

User Adoption

Intelestream’s 4.0 CRM version promotes user adoption by simplifying the functionality of the system. The email marketing feature was made easier, on the front-end, for users to easily compose drafts, send, and report through more effective marketing campaigns in reduced time.

Intelestream’s Chief Executive Officer, Jason Green, declared: “Intelecrm version 4.0 is a series of action items taken away from hundreds of ongoing conversations we have had with our customers… We are constantly making enhancements to intelecrm based on what our end users are telling us. “Our goal is to accomplish 100% user adoption by making intelecrm the most user-friendly CRM application on the market.”

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[Photo courtesy of intelestream.]