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iPhone 4 Sells Out as Apple Sells over 1.7 Million

Masses of people flocked to Apple stores last Thursday for Apple’s latest, the iPhone 4. Thousands wiped out Apple’s inventory around the world. Sales commenced in Japan, whose flagship store sold out by that afternoon. Phones were sold across the world, from the United Kingdom to France to Germany and finally the United States, where stores opened at 7 a.m. Some buyers even camped out the night before to be the first in line to buy the iPhone 4 when Apple stores opened.

People in Line for the iPhone 4 at the Apple Store in the Louvre, in Paris

The iPhone 4 is the latest in Apple iPhones. It has many new and updated features, including HD 720p video recording and a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. The iPhone 4 has an A4 processor that gives users up to 40 percent more talk time. FaceTime is the newest application, which allows users to video call in just one tap. The iPhone 4 has a completely new design with a higher resolution screen. It is now the thinnest smartphone in the world.

Apple could barely keep up with the demand for iPhone 4s. Apple and AT&T had to halt pre-orders because there were too many people ordering the iPhone 4 on their online order system. The iPhone 4 sold out after a few hours in every store and Apple employees had to turn customers away. Anyone who did not reserve an iPhone 4 and wants one will not be able to buy them until June 29, 2010.

iPhone 4

In a press release this morning, Apple announced that in the first three days since the iPhone 4’s release, over 1.7 million devices have been sold. 600,000 were sold in pre-sales and the rest in-store. Observers expect up to 10 million iPhone 4 devices to be sold by September.

The influx in iPhone demand shows how smartphones have rapidly taken over the mobile market. Apple takes the lead for consumer-based phones, whereas BlackBerry devices are still the number one for business users. Apple has a very dedicated customer base, many of whom upgraded their iPhone 3 or 3Gs’s for the iPhone 4 this past weekend.

[Photo courtesy of mashable.]