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Jim Ward - President & CEO, BrainSell

Jim Ward – President & CEO, BrainSell

When Jim Ward founded BrainSell in 1994, his goal was to give businesses the insights and tools needed to thrive, even in challenging economies.  A prominent turnaround specialist, Ward had spent more than 23 years helping small-to-medium businesses apply innovative sales and marketing techniques in order to improve performance.   Having helped a variety of U.S. and Canadian companies transform into growing, profitable organizations, Ward determined that strategic CRM (customer relationship management) was key to each company’s success.

Since then, Ward has built BrainSell into a dynamic CRM reseller organization that is dedicated to helping customers achieve victories.  His focus on hiring CRM professionals with real-world experience, and making them an integral part of their customers’ teams, has enabled BrainSell to develop a strong base of satisfied customers who rave about the company’s ability to deliver bottom-line results.  Having experienced year-over-year growth since its founding, BrainSell became a Top 10 Business Partner for Sage Software in North America under Ward’s leadership.

Ward is a recognized expert in CRM.  He has addressed many organizations and published a variety of articles on how to use CRM to enhance sales and business prosperity.

Ward has served on Sage Software’s CRM division Business Partner Advisory Council sub-committees.

An honors graduate from Bentley College, Ward is committed to giving back to the community.  Driven by the belief that hard work and integrity pay dividends, Ward devotes time to a variety of civic projects.

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