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Jive Software: Social Business Software Success

Things are looking good for Jive Software, the popular Social Business Software (SBS) Company, as they announced that their Quarter 1 revenues are 35% higher than Quarter 1 2009.

Is Jive’s first quarter success a forecast for the rest of the year? In Quarter 1 of 2010, Jive acquired multiple client contracts, their largest customer base to date and more new business than in any other period.

Whatever the reason for Jive Software’s Quarter 1 success, it is abundantly clear that social business software is currently relevant and in high demand. New CEO to Jive, Tony Zingale, explains that “Investing in Social Business Software has never been a question of if, but when, and that time is now. This market is growing quickly because leading brands are making significant investments in how they engage more effectively with customers and employees”.

Enterprises are turning to SBS providers, like Jive, in order to optimize employee and customer relations. Companies that take advantage of SBS believe that collaboration and community are prevalent ways to inspire innovation in the business development process. This strategy makes plenty of sense; have the people that drive your success, drive the product’s direction.

Buzz Blog is excited to see what the rest of the year will bring, as SBS technology is still being defined and shaped. As for Jive Software, we’re excited to see the promised real time social media monitoring feature for their Marketing Engagement Solution. The company announced that the new update will be coming to a platform near you, sometime this year. Stay tuned!

[Photo courtesy of axerosolutions.]