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Make Decisions in 10 Milliseconds With Turn Marketing Suite of Products

Make Decisions in 10 Milliseconds With Turn Marketing Suite of Products

Gathering and analyzing customer insights is one of the biggest challenges in marketing and advertising; and it’s becoming an even bigger task with the sheer amount of data delivered by social media usage. In order to help you build more successful campaigns, Turn Marketing provides the applications that organizations need in order to take complex data and parse it down into actual measures you can take to improve your marketing efforts.

Based in Redwood City, CA, Turn’s suite of marketing products and its cloud computing platform provides real-time customer and marketplace insights in order to help advertising agencies and marketers make better, more informed decisions. Their cloud-based applications and enterprise-scale architecture works to deliver a more complete picture of your customers and help you execute cross-channel campaigns, as well as connect with their global ecosystem of over 100 partners.

To give you better insight into your customers, Turn’s Audience Suite brings together all your online and offline customer data, whether it’s first-part or third-party, and gives you a complete picture of who your audience is and what they want. Design campaigns through a process of discovering who your ideal audience is, targeting the right market for the right campaign, and optimizing your content strategy and execution as you gather new insights into the ever-changing market.

With Turn’s Campaign Suite, the user-friendly self-service interface allows you to take the insights you’ve gathered from the Audience Suite and apply it to your marketing campaigns. Using tools such as Turn CoPilot and Turn DataMine to help you plan, execute, and analyze campaigns, planning and optimizing your marketing efforts is made simpler and more effective. Additionally, DataMine (which is Turn’s data warehouse and query interface) delivers huge volumes of information to your analytics team so that you can create custom reports, gather further insights into customers, and measure campaign performance. DataMine is available in both the Campaign and the Advertising Suites.

If you watched the “Mad Men” finale, you might have seen this Turn commercial inspired by the series, which was created with the help of Gyro San Francisco:

The ad emphasizes how Turn Marketing “delivers your ad to all the right online audiences with deadly accuracy” in just 10 milliseconds. In a comment that grows way too meta, Turn’s VP of Global Marketing, Paul Alfieri, says this about the commercial:

“The team at gyro was meticulous about the shot,” he said. “The texture of the visual is very rich. We were able to do something that was inspired by ‘Mad Men.’ It is an advertisement about advertising on a show about advertising. We really created our own little vignette.”

Turn Marketing has also created a journal for the decision-making process that went into the creation of the spot, making it available on their site. You can also see an alternate ending and background on the commercial’s characters at

For more information on Turn Marketing, check out our profile for Turn Campaign Suite, or visit their website at You can also browse all of our marketing resources, including expert product reviews and insider implementation tips, by checking out the Marketing Software resource center page.

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Make Decisions in 10 Milliseconds With Turn Marketing Suite of Products
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