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Managing Political Campaigns with

Managing Political Campaigns with recently introduced CampaignForce, the industry’s first on-demand CRM application designed specifically for political campaign management.

CampaignForce helps political strategy teams manage and track relationships with constituents and donors – even when they’re on the campaign trail – and automate critical activities such as recruiting and staffing volunteers, fundraising, and public relations.

CampaignForce can also help politicians and their staff members gain insight into perceptions and beliefs of donors and voters, and to more effectively push political agendas. Additionally, users can easily monitoring Web buzz, such as online press articles, blog entries, YouTube video viewings, Google searches, and more.

CampaignForce will be available in Q2 of 2007, and will cost $65 to $125 per user. For more information, visit

[Photo courtesy of Ayazmalik.]