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Marketing Automation Education with VendorDemo

Learn more about humanizing your approach to marketing automation in these informative videos from VendorDemo.

“How To Drive New Revenue with Marketing Automation”
Webinar provided by: Consona

Marketing organizations are facing new challenges to get their message out and produce a better return on their efforts. This netcast will provide you with a preview of Million Handshakes, a world-class dialogue marketing application which can work with your CRM solution to easily overcome the marketplace challenges via its simple, yet powerful, interface to create intelligent, personalized marketing campaigns.

“Infor CRM Outbound Marketing”
Webinar provided by: Infor

Infor CRM Outbound Marketing enables you to plan, execute, and monitor anticipated, personal, and relevant marketing campaigns across all touch points and achieve a rapid return on your investment.

“Humanized Communications” 
Webinar provided by: SoftVu

Watch this demonstration of how SoftVu’s on-demand Marketing Automation Platform humanizes communications to provide personalized, relevant, and timely communications.



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