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Maximizer CRM Finds A New Home in Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace

Maximizer Software is an industry-leading Customer Relationship Management provider for easy to use CRM solutions. Recently, Maximizer revealed their new cloud-hosted CRM solution, Maximizer CRM Live, to be available for customers through the Microsoft Windows Azure Market. Maximizer CRM Live is offered through a cost-efficient, internet-based system, where customers invest in a less restricting monthly subscription. This new solution is built to offer companies with a guaranteed, feature-rich CRM system to increase sales and revenue, optimize marketing efficacy, and enhance the overall customer service experience.

Maximizer Software President, Vivek Thomas, shares his excitement on contributing years of Maximizer’s CRM expertise and previous success to the Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace. Thomas claims that offering Maximizer CRM Live through the Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace will enhance the convenience for more clients to discover and utilize the quality of Maximizer CRM Live solution.

Recognizing Maximizer CRM Live’s features and innovative capabilities proves the system software maintains a successful partnership with Microsoft, confirming Maximizer as a Gold Certified Partner over the past five years. Following a trial of the selection and integration process, Maximizer CRM Live was chosen as the winning candidate for the first CRM application offered to customers through the Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace. Clients are able to experience and manage Maximizer CRM Live’s industry-leading features and functionality directly from the Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace.

Senior product manager at Microsoft Windows Azure, Sudhir Hasbe, claims that clients will experience top-quality functionality and receive more value from their investment in Maximizer CRM Live through the Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace. Hasbe argues that Maximizer CRM Live is a trailblazer in commerce-enabled applications hosted by the Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace. Microsoft graciously welcomes Maximizer’s cloud-based CRM solution as an addition to their Marketplace.

While providing a conveniently simple and flexible CRM system to clients, Maximizer allows users to also leverage the sturdiness and reliability of the prestigious Microsoft Windows Azure platform. Users are able to access the solution from virtually anywhere through any mobile or computer appliance. With Maximizer CRM Live, users can optimally manage sales prospects, marketing schemes, offer exceptional customer service while collaborating with various departments in real time. Maximizer CRM Live does not require previous technology or software experience. After registration, the solution can easily be implemented and ready-to-use within minutes. Maximizer CRM Live not only guarantees a reliable system with full uptime, but also allows users to customize the solution to target their industry-specific needs.

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