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Microsoft Docs for Facebook, Watch out Google!

Sorry Google, not even an Apple could keep this Doc away., aka Docs for Facebook has launched within the Facebook application. With, users can create or upload new Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. The application also allows users to view documents managed by their friends. The application experience is the same on Facebook as it is through the website The interface is similar to Microsoft Office:

Unlike other web-based collaboration tools, Docs allows users to move any document into their own desktop based software for viewing and editing with a single click to make the transition. The collaboration tools are compatible with PC and Mac versions of Office 2007 and later. Here’s a screenshot of a spreadsheet:

The most unique detail about for Facebook is its social component. Through Facebook, users can share their files and documents with any number of friends. The sharing options are customizable as well, allowing users to carefully select who will have access to their documents. With permissions, friends can click on documents to view, like or comment on them.

It will be interesting to see if Facebook Docs will attract business-based collaborations like Google Docs, or a completely different audience. Facebook sees integration of Docs onto its application as a social-productivity experiment instead of a plot to imitate Google. Microsoft and Facebook are hoping that their “social-productivity experience” will turn into something people need and want within their Facebook world.

[Photo courtesy of nerdheist.]