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Morgan Stanley Launches an iPad App

Recently, Morgan Stanley, announced the release of its free iPad business app. The unique business app will be tailored to Morgan Stanley’s institutional clients individual investment profiles.   Morgan Stanley’s iPad App will feature its renowned research, and it will offer it to its clients for mobile use. The Research will include over 2,600 stocks, Risk-Reward analysis, essential market debates, value drivers, and pending catalysts. The Morgan Stanley iPad business app will also contain various publications including the Global Executive Brief, Investment Perspectives, Best Ideas and FX Pulse.

Barry Hurewitz, Chief Operating Officer of Investment Research at Morgan Stanley, commented on the newly released app. He said, “This pioneering app provides instant access to Morgan Stanley’s unique research platform anytime, anywhere on the mobile internet. It’s a powerful tool for instantly delivering the Risk-Reward Essentials for which Morgan Stanley Research is known: market intelligence to identify the investor debates driving a stock; scenarios accounting for a full range of plausible outcomes; and evidence-based research that helps investors maximize the returns for the risks they choose to take.”

[Photo courtesy of wallstreetoasis.]