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Motorola Will Also Be Joining the Tablet Race

Motorola, the multinational telecommunications company, recently announced that it will be joining the tablet race sometime next year. In a technology conference sponsored by the Deustche Bank, Sanja Jha, the co-CEO of Motorola, announced that the Motorola tablet will being sales in 2011. Jha explained that Motorola is not rushing to release the tablet because the company wants to take its time to release a product that will be competitive.

Apple’s iPad showed that there is surprisingly a huge demand for tablet devices. While the iPad holds its ground at number one in the market, many other companies are developing their own to hopefully give the iPad some major competition. Others hope to beat out the iPad by offering new features such as camera and video conferencing as well as an affordable price.

Jha did not say which operating system the Motorola tablet will run on, but it is suspected that it will be Google’s Android OS because of Motorola’s past dedication to the OS. Also, it is rumored that the size of the tablet will be similar to that of the Apple iPad.

Apparently, Verizon, the wireless phone provider, is also involved with the Motorola tablet. Somehow, the Motorola tablet device will be connected to Verizon’s FiOS television service. Motorola has been testing out tablet forms as it displayed an Android-based prototype at the conference.

Jha explained that while Motorola is interested in the tablet market, it is not its only focus. Only time will tell what the final tablet will look like, but hopefully Motorola will release confirmed details in the upcoming months about the exact details of its tablet.

[Photo courtesy of tabletrace.]