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NetSuite Updates SuiteCloud Platform by Integrating New Social Media and SEM Features

NetSuite recently released a new version of its e-commerce cloud platform, SuiteCloud with new social media and search engine marketing (SEM) capabilities that are fast becoming critical to the success of any e-commerce business.

SuiteCloud is NetSuite’s end-to-end e-commerce business management suite which brings together applications for e-commerce, customer relationship marketing (CRM) and financial/accounting. With the new platform, clients can reap the full benefits of cloud computing — powerful interactive online experience, real-time customer information, dramatically improved return on investment (ROI), cost reductions, IT savings and productivity gains.

NetSuite is the only fully-integrated cloud computing platform which can directly correlate content from blogs, forums, product reviews, gift registries, and live chat with complete customer activity and purchase history, and tie that information directly to a complete CRM system and product database.

This makes NetSuite the world’s only actionable social commerce platform. Capabilities provided by NetSuite partners such as PowerReviews, Fluid, LivePerson, and MyRegistry enable companies to market, sell, and support customers based not just on purchase history, but the complete social trail left by that customer.

New, scriptable checkout capabilities ensure that merchants can support a limitless range of custom processes as a purchase is committed. And because the new platform offers open access to third-party developers, NetSuite can offer a peerless ecosystem of specialized sales, marketing, merchandising and payment capabilities. Shipments can be quickly allocated to the right warehouse to meet cost or service considerations based on each shopper’s address or other key order characteristics.

Companies merchandise better when they understand thoroughly how their customers are responding to their purchases. Merchants can analyze trends in forum, blog, and comment discussions about needs, wants, and preferences, and recalibrate marketing campaigns and inventory to match customer demand. With NetSuite, each campaign is tied in real-time to the revenue generated and the cost of the goods sold, providing true profitability analysis. Campaigns are also tied to lifetime revenue, as each shopper’s purchase history is tracked seamlessly across all sales channels.

[Photo courtesy of icrossing.]