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New iPad App is Perfect for Business Travelers: Truphone

Yesterday, Truphone announced their latest iPad application that will allow 3G calling and Instant Messaging (IM). Truphone is taking advantage of the Apple iPad’s advanced microphone and speaker technology to ensure that all calls are clear and strong.

There are many innovative features on the Truphone application. Users can make free Wi-Fi and 3G calls to any other Truphone, Skype and Google Talk user. If you want to make a call to any local or international phone number, you can with Truphone for a small fee. With push notifications, you can get a free voicemail account to receive voice messages. Even send or receive SMS’s with Truphone. There is also a group SMS feature.

There is IM integration that allows users to connect to Truphone, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, MSN, Google Talk and AIM users. Truphone even provides Twitter support. Truphone has a presence function so you can know when your friends are online. The Truphone iPad application is easy to navigate as there is a directory that allows users to find or add friends easily.

Screenshot of Truphone for iPad

Truphone is a great iPad application for business users. Business individuals who travel could use an application like Truphone to connect to others at a very low cost. Forget international fees and plans if you have an iPad and the Truphone application. It is an easy and inexpensive way to stay up to date on business projects or keep colleagues posted on business meetings.

Truphone allows users to connect with friends, family and colleagues easier. Whether it is by phone, text message, social network or instant message- Truphone lets you connect for free or for a small fee.  Read more about Truphone on Apple’s iPad App store on iTunes.

[Photo courtesy of Concept Phones.]