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Now everyone has a voice, with Google Voice

Invitation only. This was the primary way any person could gain access to Google’s new service, Google Voice. Launched in March of 2009, the service was exclusively limited to users on an invite only basis. However, recently Google announced that on June 22nd 2010, right to use would be widened so that any US resident had the ability to utilize the service.

Originally the brainchild of GrandCentral, the telecommunication service was bought by Google in 2007 for $50 Million. For the next two years Google took what GrandCentral had created and transformed and adapted it to fit the needs of their clients.

Since it original release 15 months ago, Google Voice has gone through many alterations. Specifically, the SMS feature had vastly improved, also when Google Voice is synced with Google Chrome organization is no longer an issue. Additionally, a mobile application was created for easy access. However, the most important improvement has been the compatibility with all Android-based mobile phones.

Unfortunately, Google does have some areas that still need to improve upon. What people are still looking for from Google Voice is full number portability. They want the ability to transfer a telephone number and reassign it to other carriers. Also in demand from Google Voice is a desktop Application, which was announced but now has been delayed.

Currently, there are over one million people actively using Google Voice. And that number is projected to drastically increase, now that access has been granted to all US inhabitants.

[Photo courtesy of pcworld.]