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Open Security Business Intelligence Available from SenSage

SenSage, Inc., a unified Security Information, Event Management and log management system has helped hundreds of customers worldwide to leverage patented Security Intelligence solutions. Recently, they have announced the immediate availability of the new SenSage Version 4.6.

SenSage has long provided solutions to identify, understand and counteract cyber-threats and fraud. The new SenSage 4.6 Version includes the ability to integrate with third-party business intelligence tools and dashboards, as well as to customize reporting and improve security analytics. This new version delivers Security Intelligence to large, progressive organizations taking a vigilant and proactive stance towards cyber security initiatives.

SenSage 4.6 offers the first and only SIEM product that supports Open Database Connectivity/Java Database Connectivity APIs. This support enables business intelligence tools to integrate easily with SenSage’s existing SIEM and log management solutions.

Some of the new features in SenSage’s 4.6 Version include: expanded reporting capabilities that leverage ODBC/JDBC; expanded interoperability through other industry APIs; updated analytics installer and log adapter and updated reporting/caching and improved auditing.

SenSage 4.6 gives customers the flexibility to use business intelligence tools they already know and work with everyday, while allowing complete freedom to analyze event data which ranges from statistical trend analysis to executive dashboards. At the same time, the solution summarizes the operations’ effectiveness against cost/benefit analyses on new investment decisions.

SenSage is now able to take any source of event data and pull it into their scalable warehouse which allows enterprises to conduct analysis on this data for real-time monitoring, compliance and also forensics analysis. By opening up their security data warehouse to established business intelligence tools, SenSage will ensure a much broader analysis and enable customers to gain insight and knowledge about their security environment as well as provide them a broader IT infrastructure.

[Photo courtesy of siilo.]