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Oracles releases Agile Customer Needs Management software

Oracle, recently announced the release of new product innovation software with Agile Customer Needs Management tools. This is the first time; Oracle has developed software directly addressing the new product development process right from idea conceptualization to collaboration. This software greatly benefits organizations to effectively collaborate with customers, stakeholders and employees across various departments, on developing new product ideas.

The application’s easy to use features and seamless integration with Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) suite, AutoVue Enterprise Visualization software and Oracle Universal Content Management, makes it an efficient and effective tool. It is ideal for anyone who is weary of adopting complex tools and features.

Commenting on the integration capabilities of the Agile Customer Needs Management tools, Hardeep Gulati, the Oracle Vice President for PLM and Product Information Management Product Strategy said, “We are trying to expand the traditional scope of PLM into the fuzzy front end, looking at how people come up with ideas and how innovation happens. We wanted to provide a tool that would allow all these people to manage their ideas and collaborate on them”.

Apart from the simple nature of the application, another really important feature offered by the Idea Management tool, is the Web 2.0 conventions. The application features tools such as Tag Clouds, which offers a more collaborative and efficient approach to idea generation. Users can enter their ideas into the system and use the feature to see if similar ideas have already been entered. It provides easy access to ideas and you can also invite other people to join in the discussion process. The application allows users to archive and record discussions and ideas for further analysis or review. It also groups ideas into various categories and ranks them according to the feedback they receive.

If that’s not enough, product engineers can use other design and visualization tools to create drafts of the products ideas and receive feedback on them. Oracle’s Idea Management software definitely makes it easier for organizations to manage, track and analyze the product development ideas their employees, customers and stakeholders generate. The application is available as on-premise or even on a hosted basis. It might be available on a cloud-based version as well, depending on the demand for it.

Among the many idea management software vendors out in the market, Oracle’s Agile Customer Needs Management tools, is one to watch out for.

[Photo courtesy of lynda.]