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Oracle's New and Improved Enterprise Content Management Suite

Oracle recently unveiled their Enterprise Content Management Suite this week.  The new ECM Suite 11g  is a comprehensive high-performance content management solution.
The goal of the ECM Suite 11g was created to reduce costs, improve security, and to help companies maximize their content management.  The Oracle ECM 11g suite is easy-to-use and it is an end-to-end solution covering imaging and Web, document and records management.  This unified platform is ideal for businesses.
Oracle intended to boost efficiency and to simplify management.  The ECM Suite 11g’s repository can support large and voluminous applications, such as invoice processing or e-commerce sites.
Oracle’s ECM Suite 11g has improved business practices and has increased productivity in companies from several different industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and communications.  Desktop integration is one of the reasons that the ECM Suite 11g is helpful for businesses because executives have access to work-flow information and saved searches on Microsoft Windows Explorer.  Corporate workers will also be able to revise or update content and compare documents directly from Microsoft Office.  Anyone within the enterprise can access all of the content with the ECM’s updated records management component.  The ECM Suite 11g essentially brings content management directly into business applications that many corporate workers regularly use, such as BusinessWeek or PeopleSoft.
Oracle’s Vice President of Product Management, Andy MacMillan, said, “Organizations need a comprehensive enterprise content management solution that is integrated into their business processes and fits with the way they work.  With Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite 11g, we meet those demands while delivering the performance and scalability needed to support the most complex and demanding enterprise content management environments.”  MacMillan says it all as the ECM Suite 11g satisfies most businesses’ needs with its comprehensive, updated features.

[Photo courtesy of onceblindstudios.]