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Patty Azzarello | Big Help for Small Business

Patty Azzarello | Big Help for Small Business

Patty Azzarello was the youngest person to become a general manager at Hewlett Packard at the age of 33.

She ran a $1B global software business at the age of 35, and became a CEO for the first time at the age of 38. A few of her roles were as VP and General Manager of HP OpenView, CEO of Euclid Software, and Chief Marketing Officer for Siebel Systems.

Patty is currently the CEO of Azzarello Group, a unique services organization focused on helping business leaders actually get done what they want to do, and get a bigger payoff from their hard work.

Azzarello Group delivers practical, experience-based tools to business leaders, through products and services including articles, e-books, mentoring programs, executive coaching, public speaking, small business retreats, and business execution workshops.

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