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Pegasystems Updates Customer Process Manager

Pegasystems, a leading provider of CRM solutions, recently announced the newest release of Customer Process Manager, its CRM application. With Customer Process Manager, customer requests are guided through a process that ensures quality management that leverages each customer interaction. Pegasystems CRM solution is built on their Build for Change technology, which is proven to speed up business processes by eliminating manual programming. While using this CRM application , companies are able to see productivity gains of up to 40% and significant customer satisfaction improvements.

The latest release of Customer Process Manager features key updates such as specialized user interfaces, business process configuration, knowledge management, social media management, and actionable customer feedback. The specialized user interfaces can be easily created without any programming experience, and the added flexibility allows the CRM solution to to fit the need of any situation. Additionally, one of the spiffier new features enables users to track social media communication to address customer questions and problems before they become issues.

Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO of Pegasystems, commented on the improvements to Customer Process Manager. He said, “Organizations still need to cut costs out of their customer service operations, but are facing increased pressure to deliver higher levels of service to help grow their business and retain clients. This latest release of our CRM offering enables organizations to meet both of those goals. Our customers want rapid and flexible deployment options and a new approach to transforming customer experience they simply cannot get from legacy-based, packaged CRM applications.”

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