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PiCRM Launches CRM Software with 'Unlimited' User Logins

Customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions provide significant benefit to the company, yet can be costly to implement and maintain for all users. To try and provide cost-effective solutions that can be leveraged across the SMB, PiCRM Software has launched a new hosted CRM solution that allows logins for all users at one low monthly price.

This unique pricing approach perfectly positions this solution for the small or medium business as it eliminates the per user model for licensing fees. The per user model was one of the most often cited complaints about CRM solutions by small businesses.

PiCRM CEO Troy Netreba noted that small business clients often get frustrated when they are charged up to $150 per user per month for every person who needs to gain access to their CRM solution. A number of these clients have part-time users and would prefer to not pay the high fees just to grant access.

To respond to this demand, PiCRM developed a platform that would provide the capacity to set up unlimited users for a flat fee. As a result, those who only need access to the CRM solution still have their own login, but don’t cost the company extra for this convenience.

This pricing structure is a radical change from normal CRM software licensing models as PiCRM bases its pricing on the number of concurrent users. For small businesses with fewer than 500 contacts and 3 concurrent users, the PiCRM solution is completely free. Larger businesses needing up to 4,000 contacts and 10 concurrent users pay only $77 per month on this platform.

[Photo courtesy of kalixhealth.]