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Powering –Up the Sales Team with SalesNexus CRM

Houston-based CRM vendor, SalesNexus, is launching their comprehensive CRM and email marketing suite to empower sales teams everywhere. SalesNexus CRM is designed to meet the needs of small to midsized enterprises looking to boost their sales initiatives. SalesNexus CRM offers a fully integrated email marketing suite and provides sales teams with a platform that nurtures leads.

SalesNexus CRM helps users optimize customer relationship management and keeps the sales pipeline full. SalesNexus is unique in that they help sales teams with their sales initiatives at all stages of the pipeline. “We can probably agree that in the long term, it’s more valuable to focus on building the relationship with the customer,” said President of SalesNexus, Craig Klein. “So, how about letting email handle some of the repetitive work so you can have more one-on-one time with the leads that are already ready to purchase.”

The web-based CRM provider will upgrading their UI and adding an email marketing platform to its CRM software service. SalesNexus’ Sales Master Institute users will also enjoy the upgrades at no additional cost.
SalesNexus is breaking boundaries in the CRM industry by being the first to add an email marketing suite to its CRM package. SalesNexus users and fans can take a sneak peek at the new CRM suite and all of its fabulous upgrades on Thursday, September 2nd at 2pm EST on the SalesNexus website: